There’s Home Staging to Sell and then there’s Home Staging to Sell for Top Dollar

by / Thursday, 06 March 2014 / Published in Home Seller Tips
Home Staging Example Photo

Over the last few years the concept of staging one’s home prior to selling it has become very popular. Although this trend has only gained popularity with the general population recently, the best real estate agents have been going through the process of preparing homes for sale for decades without the “staging” label.
Preparing a home to make its most dramatic and positive first impression to the real estate market is critically important in helping facilitate the sale at the highest possible price. Real estate sales representatives that underestimate the importance of proper home staging run the risk of garnering a lower sales price for their client or even allowing the listing to expire with no sale at all. The hardest thing for a real estate agent to accomplish when bringing a listing to the market after expiration, is making a positive (second) first impression.
Just understanding the importance of the home staging process is not enough. Doing it right is what really makes the difference between selling and selling for top dollar. Just so we are clear, this does not involve randomly throwing a truckload of furniture into a home. Getting it right involves realizing that every home is unique and has its own positive attributes, which should be assessed accordingly for correct home staging.
In some homes the best results are achieved by the removal of items from an over furnished home. Combining the new attribute of open space with a couple of freshly painted rooms, some detailed decorative accents, quality artwork and suddenly a very appealing transition has taken place.
Our goal along with the collaborative efforts of our personal design consultant has always been to create a genuine “wow factor” that renders your home as a fantastic opportunity for a property buyer. We have always approached every property we list as being unique, requiring a very personal plan for home staging. Take a moment to visit the “Spotlight on Sales” section of our website to review the photos of some of our recent sales and our approach to the successful staging of a home.
If you are thinking of selling please contact us and we will discuss home staging with you in more detail and how it relates specifically to your home.

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